Dr. Siqiang Luo ( from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore is looking for motivated postdocs to join his team. The postdocs will work on the areas of data management, data mining or machine learning. His team offers a stimulating research environment at the forefront of research in these areas.

Information of Supervisor

Siqiang Luo is a Nanyang Assistant Professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University. His research interest lies in improving scalability and efficacy during big data processing. He regularly publishes papers in top-tier conferences such as SIGMOD, PVLDB, ICDE, WWW and ICML. His team now has 2 postdocs, 10 PhD students, 1 master students and multiple visiting students. More information can be found on


  1. Have a Ph.D. degree or will obtain his Ph.D. degree in 2023.
  2. Have publications in decent conferences or journals.
  3. Have strong motivation to do research.


Interested candidates are welcome to submit CVs by email(


骆思强博士研究组诚聘博士后研究人员,主要研究方向为数据管理,数据挖掘或者机器学习。骆博士目前为南洋理工大学南洋助理教授。 他的主要研究方向为提升大数据处理的扩展性和有效性。 他有多篇论文发表于顶级会议如SIGMOD,PVLDB,ICDE,WWW,ICML。他的研究组目前有2位博士后,10位博士生,1位硕士生以及数位访问博士生。 更多信息可以参见他的研究主页


  1. 于2023年获得计算机相关博士学位或者已经拥有博士学位
  2. 在数据管理,数据挖掘或机器学习相关会议或者期刊有发表过论文
  3. 热爱并致力于学术研究